Frequently asked questions

How do I properly care for my leather item?

1. Never soak your leather in water! Water carries dissolved solids. Soaking or washing leather with water could cause staining and unnecessary decomposition of the leather fibers. 2. Don't leave your leather in the sun! UV rays can fade and damage vibrant colors. While a bit of sunlight over the long run can age your leather to perfection, too much sun can make your handbag or jacket dry, crusty and more succeptable to permanent damage. 3. Condition your leather annually! Oiling baseball mits, belts, boots and shoes once a year will ensure your leather maintains its flexibility without losing any of its body.

What is vegetable tanned leather?

Vegetable tanned leather is a hide that has been tanned (and sometimes colored) using organic tree, bark, and leaf oils. All carved pieces at LL are crafted using vegetable tanned hides. Trademarks of vegetable tanned leather are its natural color and grain as well as the development of a rich patina over time. Many of our customers in the heritage and reenactment communities favor this leather for its durability and toughness.

What is chrome tanned leather?

Chrome tanned leather is treated and dyed with minierals and salts. Much of the world's leather is mineral tanned due to the benefits the tanning process conveys and its quicker turnaround time. Chrome tanned leather is less suceptible to water stains and is typically more softer and supple. These attributes make chrome tanned leather a wonderful material for jackets, gloves, jewelry, accessories, handbags and clothing.

What type of leather should I chose?

This is entirely dependent on your need and use. Vegetable tanned leathers have a durable and stong characteristic that will age gracefully. Chromate tanned leathers are often softer, more pliable and have potential to sacrifice some durabilty. Both types of leathers will bleed color if subjected to too much moisture.

How do I determine the right belt width?

Men Everday Average: 1-1/2" Everyday Big & Tall: 1-3/4" Formal Average: 1-1/4" Formal Big & Tall: 1-1/2" Women Everday: 1-1/4" Formal: 1" on up to 2" depending on style

I need help determining my belt length!

Measure yourself with a cloth tape measure! We gear our belt lengths towards actual waist measurements. Please don't use your pants size! If your waist is 32", the belt you order should be 32". Let us take care of the rest! Alternative Method: Come visit us! One of our artists will be happy take your measurements and process your order right before your eyes! For a list of our scheduled events click here.

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