Caring for your leather fashion and accessories

Leather Care 101

  1. Avoid salt and water. Water can stain a good vegetable tanned leather regardless of the tannage, dye and finish. Salt will grind away a leathers top grain and dry out the fibers. This makes the leather stiff and prone to tearing.

  2. Don't leave your leather in direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sunlight will weaken leather and fade its color and finish faster.

  3. Find an appropriate leather cleaner and conditioner. We recommend products from THIS COMPANY.

  4. Protect your leather. With great leather comes great responsibility. You'll need a good product for protection. We recommend using ATOM WAX or TAN-KOTE.

  5. Store your leather with respect. Avoid storing your leather in seasonal rooms, furnace rooms, laundry rooms, bathrooms, saunas, pool rooms and kitchens. IF POSSIBLE, DO NOT wrinkle, bend, fold, warp, or crease the leather when considering long term storage.

  6. Stay away from hazardous chemicals. Fluids found in automobiles, ATVs, motorcycles, and refrigerators are corrosive to leather.

  7. Do not overfill stretch or twist leather. Leather has a grain, warping that grain will shorten the life of your item.

  8. Keep sharp objects out of pockets, purses, and pouches. Sharper items can puncture thinner leathers. Pointy things can also scratch the finish on your favorite hand bag.

  9. Spot test any cleaners, conditioners or finishes you are using. Fluids always have a chance of changing the color and/or characteristics of your leather.

  10. Do not use baking soda, vinegar, Windex, bleach, disinfectant wipes or fingernail polish to clean your leather.

  11. Use an appropriate applicator for your cleaners, conditioners and finishers. This will help avoid spotting on your leather.